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CCTV Installations

Security for your home or office is often an irritating concept. Questions arise from “am I secure enough?” to “how much will that cost?” Since you’re reading this, we’ll hazard a guess that you have some security concerns of your own that you’re looking to set straight – and fortunately for you, you’ve found the right place. Provident IT Solutions have been easing the nerves of home and business owners for years, with our innovative approach to affordable coverage without compromising security.

Pictured is a 17 camera installation that we installed for Performance Moto. Complete with 1080p HD video and audio recording, Nightvision, and separate building coverage.

What can Provident IT do for your home/business?

Step 1: We arrange a free on-site visit to map out camera placements, whether you already have them in mind or you’d simply like us to do it for you. We’ll identify key entry points that need the most cover, along with any potential blind spots. Once we’ve established how many cameras you need and where they’ll be placed, we’ll send you a free no-obligation quotation for your review.

Step 2: We begin the installation by mounting each of the cameras and finalising the routing for any required cables. We use PoE (Power over Ethernet) injectors and receivers that allow the cameras to receive power and send data down the same cable, and we’ll always route cables as hidden as possible (attics, wall cavities etc.) keeping the clutter to an absolute minimum and preserving your buildings aesthetic.

Step 3: The testing phase is the most fun phase, you’ll undoubtedly feel a huge surge of relief knowing that your property is now covered and secure. Safe in the knowledge that all motion is now being recorded 24/7, you can view your cameras securely from anywhere, and you can even receive email alerts if there is movement when/where there shouldn’t be! Our advanced CCTV systems can even cover multiple buildings and stream encrypted over the web to a single NVR (Network Video Recorder).

  • We needed a full CCTV system at our premises and Harvey was able to sort us out. He's very knowledgeable, professional and knows his trade inside and out. Highly recommended, no pressure sales, just straight talking solutions.
    Steve Parkin
    Jubilee Sports

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