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Custom PC Builds

Computers always seem to go wrong when you need them the most, and they often appear to get gradually slower each time you turn them on (as we’ve detailed in a blog post here.) The problem is, with all the components inside a computer, it’s exhausting to figure out what kind of PC you need. Common misconceptions such as “having more RAM makes your PC faster” only confuse matters even further. Provident IT have built hundreds of custom PC’s from scratch that are not only lightning fast, they are specifically configured to our customers and their needs. Whether you’re a graphic designer, gamer, office manager or you simply need a cheap but speedy PC to browse the web and send a few emails – we’ve got you covered.

Want to see what building a PC looks like?

In this video, Harvey runs through part of our build process for a new custom PC. This particular PC had to be built in a small form-factor (SFF) case as per the client’s specifications, but still have a powerful punch when it came to day to day tasks. After assembling a new computer, there are plenty more tasks required before it’s ready for installation. These range from Cable Management, component testing, hardware/software configuration, software testing, and packaging. Unlike most manufacturers, we don’t “image” our PC’s software to simply be deployed on new hardware, we take the time to manually install and personalize all software for our client’s needs.

What can Provident IT do for your home or business?

Step 1: It’s time you need a new PC. Whether you’re tearing your hair out trying to get your old and outdated PC to boot up, or if you’re looking for an upgrade/additional PC, we’re available to help. We’ll discuss what kind of tasks you’d like the PC to be able to handle and we’ll walk you through what we’d recommend and provide a free no-obligation quote to get it built for you. We’ll also discuss any of your specific requirements relating to desk space, monitor placement, keyboard/mouse, Antivirus, backups etc.

Step 2: With our wide range of components already in stock and our UK distribution partners at hand, we usually get new PC orders built and configured within 1 working day, ready for collection or on-site installation at your home or office. We manually install and configure all relevant drivers and software ensuring that your new system is purposely built, specifically for your needs. We don’t pre-install any bloatware of any kind. Once the build is ready, it’s thoroughly tested and carefully packaged ready for its new owner.

Step 3: This is where you come in! If you chose delivery & installation, your PC is with an engineer already on their way to you. We’ll handle all of the cables and make them look tidy, and get you set up with the essentials such as Internet access, emails and migrating any data from your old PC. If the PC is being installed in a server environment, we’ll also handle domain joining and group policy applications to allow staff to just log in and crack on, without being hindered.

  • “So pleased with the speedy professional service that Harvey provided!”
    Kelly Wood
    Melton Mowbray
  • Excellent service, friendly, enthusiastic and very competitive price vs others
    Ciaron Fuller
    Melton Mowbray
  • “Having been let down a few times by other local computer places, we got in touch with Harvey who was recommended to us. So glad we did! Came out to help with a few niggly problems with our home computers, suggested solutions and tweaks that sorted it all, including a complete clean of a misbehaving laptop. He's a nice chap and knows his stuff, so we asked him to build a new computer for us. Brilliant! Works a treat - and came at a very reasonable price. Won't be going anywhere else for computer stuff while Provident IT are around.”
    Nina Kenchington
    Melton Mowbray

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