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Networking & Cabling

Your network infrastructure is most likely the backbone of your business, without it you’d seriously be struggling to get anything done. Routing broadband reliably to your devices is often a struggle, Wi-Fi frequencies can become congested and unreliable, cabling is often unlabelled and a mess. Provident IT has provided network infrastructure installations, upgrades and security improvements to homes and local businesses for years, with outstanding results.

What can Provident IT do for your business?

Step 1: We arrange a free on-site visit to discuss your requirements, whether you’re looking for a complete building overhaul with new Ethernet wall ports or you have security concerns relating to firewalls and inbound connections. We’ll plan out any necessary solutions onsite and walk you through our proposals to get the job completed in a swift manner.

Step 2: After the careful planning, we’re straight to work implementing your new infrastructure. Our projects range from cable running and firewall installations through to long-range wireless solutions via NanoBeam satellites. If the project could potentially cause downtime to users, we’ll liaise with key stakeholders to ensure out of hours access where applicable.

Step 3: Even though we always invite our clients to get in touch should they need us, our primary objective is to ensure that no problems arise. That’s why each and every component, cable, termination and configuration change is fully tested during installation. As experienced network penetration testers, we’re adept at spotting and resolving security vulnerabilities and before malicious entities can exploit them.

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