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We do Server Builds.

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Server Builds

Whilst Provident IT Solutions is partnered with the UK’s leading Cloud Computing providers, nothing beats the feeling of knowing exactly where your data is and having immediate access to it. We’ve designed, assembled and implemented a multitude of Servers for our clients for their wide variety of needs, ranging from on-premise Microsoft Exchange/SharePoint servers right the way through to VOIP telecommunication systems. Our servers are built tailored to your specific needs, even if you’re not yet certain what those needs are; we assess attributes such as scalability and redundancy and ensure that you’re fully satisfied before the order is even placed.

What can Provident IT do for your business?

Step 1: We discuss your requirements with you and understand your desired outcome. Once we’ve got a thorough understanding of the roles your new Server infrastructure will need to perform (from simple file storage servers to complex cryptocurrency mining clusters) we’ll begin drawing up the necessary specs and put our proposal forward.

Step 2: Simply put, we get all the bespoke hardware built and configured. With most of our distribution partners being industry leaders and a reliable team of IT engineers at hand, we’re able to get hardware provisioned at a moments notice. This is especially handy if you’re existing Server has critically failed, and you need a replacement ready as soon as possible.

Step 3: Installation! The most challenging and engaging part of a server build is smoothly transitioning users across to a new platform. Fortunately, we’re well accustomed to this with over 20+ years of experience. For new implementations being carried out, you can often find us near the Server Rack, or training users on how to get the most out of their new system.

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