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We depend on Technology now more than ever, it can be worrying rather than frustrating when things don’t work the way they should. Provident IT Solutions was founded with the vision to relieve your technical headaches by providing great service for the lowest prices. Here you’ll find just some of the services we offer to achieve that:

IT Support

Covering everything from remote/on-site or off-site support, we endeavor to not only resolve hardware and software issues but also offer many improvements to the way you work. Improvements can be anything from Hard Drive to SSD conversions, to better Anti-Virus packages – Provident IT enables you to work faster and smarter.

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IT Hardware Supplies & Installations

Perhaps your PC is coming up to its 7th birthday, or your Wireless Router refuses to reach more than a few meters away? Whatever the issue, Provident IT will produce a selection of options to resolve your issues and help you to make the best choice for you, which we’ll implement and test vigorously to ensure it meets your satisfaction.

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Website, Domain and Email Solutions.

Launching a website, purchasing and configuring a Domain, or setting up emails can be a daunting task. You can either pay a lot of money and large companies will make it easy for you to spend time doing it yourself, or you could spend rather little and be bewildered by how to make it all work. Enter Provident IT – With years of experience in Web Design/Development, Webservers, DNS Management and Email Routing; there’s not much we can’t do for you. All for a lot less than you may expect.

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How does it work?

We tailor our IT Support to suit each of our customer’s needs, let us take you through how we operate.

A problem appears or you’d like to put a new solution in place.

Be it a simple on screen error, or maybe you’re tired of files transferring slowly across your network; we’ve got you covered.

We plan the best solution

Any job, no matter how big or small, is planned out thoroughly to avoid mistakes down the line. From Office 365 Migrations right down to increasing a PC’s RAM capacity, we treat all jobs to the highest standard.

We get it done swiftly, and professionally.

Planning helps out here, we’ve already got our eyes on anything and everything to watch out for! This allows us to complete our work confidently, without worrying about any potential problems.

After thorough testing to ensure top reliability… Job done!

Once we’ve tested and you’re happy with the work, we’ll get out of your hair quickly; letting you get on with the more important stuff.